1. Introduction to the school



Founded in 1960 , California State University Dominguez is a comprehensive public university located in Carson, near Los Angeles and South Bay Beach, in the Southern California Business and Cultural Center, adjacent to many entertainment facilities. The Leisure and Sports Center is less than half an hour from the Pacific Coast. The school offers 43 undergraduate majors, 19 professional master's degrees and many certificate programs, and an excellent team of teachers. The three best undergraduate majors are teacher education, business administration and nursing. The school has the world-leading California Institute of Mathematics and Sciences, advanced classrooms, laboratories and lecture halls, as well as libraries, computer service centers, student unions and theatres. The atmosphere of the campus and the diversity of the surrounding society reflect different cultures and traditions around the world. The school is one of the most ethnically diverse universities in the United States, 35.5% of students have Latin American origin, 30.9% are African American, 22.7% are whites, 10.3% are Asians and 0.6% are Indians.

At the same time, the school also has international cooperation projects, and 154 international students from 35 countries around the world are studying here.



2. Project time: Beginning in mid- July, ending in mid-August, for a period of one month.



3. Project content and cost:

Course content: global logistics and supply chain management, teaching methods include classroom lectures, case studies, group discussions, etc., taught in English. (Monday to Thursday, 9 am to 4 pm, 1 hour lunch time)

Other activities: visit ports, logistics related companies, etc.

Fees: (2018 for reference) Tuition fee of 1,160 US dollars, airfare, accommodation, meals, visits, etc., totaling about 25,000 yuan.

The relevant fees will be paid by the students themselves. After completing all the courses in accordance with the relevant requirements, they can apply for overseas study scholarships and subsidies from the International Exchange Office and the Graduate School.

Accommodation: 2 people a room on campus

Language requirements: in principle CET-6 .



Program Title: Fast-Track Advanced Certificate Program in GL/SCM



Offered by: Department of Information Systems and Operations Management



Duration: 4 weeks



Program Schedule: Monday through Thursday, from 9 am to 4 pm, including an hour-long lunch break



Program fee: $11 60



Program description: The certificate program consists of four sections that cover essential phases of a graduate degree program in the field of global logistics and supply chain management (GL/SCM) and in addition incorporate field studies into the program to help international students visualize concepts and experience applications discussed in classroom learning:



Registration method: Please select [All Services] in [Graduate School] on the digital platform "Online Administrative Service Center", and click the application icon to submit the materials according to the application steps.

Registration deadline: April 15, 2019

If you have any questions, please contact Hu at Office (417B) via telephone 38284609. 

Program Outline:

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