School introduction: Old Dominion University was founded in1930, and was formerly part of William-Mary College founded in 1693, the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States in addition to Harvard University. The university’s latest comprehensive ranking in the United States is about 100th. It is famous in the United States as an outstanding doctoral research institute. It has obtained many international and domestic certifications. With 24,000 students on campus, the university is located in Norfolk, the largest city in Virginia and the largest naval base in the world. The school covers 188 acres of land. At present, the university is still expanding. It enjoys wonderful environment, excellent security, mild and pleasant climate, therefore is an ideal place to study in. The annual research funding of the university is about 1 billion US dollars. The university’s fully automated library has a collection of more than 2.8 million books. The school's engineering, science, business, aeronautics and many other majors are leading in the United States. As one of the school's traditional classic majors, maritime logistics research ranks 8th in the world, and its Model and Simulation Center is one of only three in the United States. The center has an annual income of 700 million US dollars. The school focuses on multiculturalism and has an dedicated international student office. The school has spared no effort in caring for international students. It has a wide range of sports and social activities, 16 projects, 28 teams, 4 separate national championships, and nearly 200 student societies.



Project Description: Since April 2012, a number of masters and doctoral students have been selected to study in Old Dominion University. Students will be able to obtain a certificate of study after completing a semester in the United States and completing the required courses (in English). Upon completion of the study, students must return to our school to complete the courses and thesis defense as required to obtain a diploma from our school.

Study time: late August 2019 to late December 2019 .

Project content and cost:


1. Teaching activities:

  • TOEFL ( on-line test ): 79, TOEFL ( paper test ): 550 or more , IELTS: 6.5 or above, 6 credits for graduate professional courses (i.e. two courses).

  • TOEFL ( on-line test ): 61-78, TOEFL ( paper test ): 500-549, IELTS: 5.5-6.4,  3 postgraduate courses credits (i.e. 1 course) and 8 hours of language courses.

The specific course is selected according to the ODU graduate course catalogue and actual student enrollment. The 3 credit course costs about $ 4,100 ; the 8- hour language course costs $ 2,400 .

. Actively participation in ODU research projects and academic activities;

. Access to ODU library resources, literature for the purpose of writing papers;

4. Students with sufficient grades receive certificates issued by the ODU ;

5. The relevant expenses shall be paid by the students themselves. After the study is over, the International Exchange Office and the Graduate School will combine the relevant materials to conduct assessments. According to the assessment, the International Exchange Office and the Graduate School will provide appropriate subsidies.

Accommodation: on campus or off campus.

Application Period: before 10th May 2019 

If you are interested in applying, please contact Mr. Hu from the College Office at 38284609 .

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