Majors and Degrees

Graduate Degree Programs

Professional Master's Degree Programs

Professional Master's degrees prepare graduates for careers in specific fields. These dense programs put a great deal of focus on real-world application and required students to finish projects in their field of study before graduation, allowing students to gain extensive on-the-job training.

Academic Master's Degree Programs

Academic Master's degrees introduce students to advanced concepts to the fields of industrial engineering, operations research, statistics, and computational science through rigorous coursework. Their flexible curricula allow students to tailor studies to their interests. A graduate with Academic Master's Degree can either choose to get a job in the industry or apply for a doctoral program to begin a career in research.

Doctoral Programs

The Ph.D. programs offered by the Institute of Logistics Science and Engineering equip graduates with strong methodological skills and ability to produce impactful research results within the disciplines.


Doctoral ProgramsLogistics Engineering and ManagementXuefeng Wang、Chaofeng LiYongsheng YangBin Yang、Qinglei Zhang、Junxian Chen、Weijian Mi、Wei Gu、Chengji Liang、Dashan Deng
Major DegreesManagement Science and EngineeringBin Yang、Rong ZhangHuaili ChenZhihua Hu、Youfang Huang、Chengji LiangXiaolong HanLihao Zhang
Control Technology and Engineering ScienceJin ZhuDaofang ChangChaofeng LiYongsheng Yang、Bin Yang、Zhihua HuBo LiQinqin Fan、Bowei Xu、Ying Zhang
Logistic System EngineerYi Ding、Xiaoguang Wang、Li Shi、Xiaolin Zhu、Daofang Chang、Nannan Yan、Yongsheng Yang、Bin Yang、Lihao ZhangHuaili ChenQinqin FanYanping MengZhihua HuGengjun Gao、Youfang Huang、Chengji LiangXiaolong HanHuaili Wang 、Weijiong Chen
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