According to the statistics of Elsevier Scopus, the “Logistics Engineering and Management” of Shanghai university peak discipline, port and shipping logistics discipline direction, led by the Institute is the first in the world for the 10th consecutive year.


Logistics Science and Engineering Research Institute (former Science Research Institute) was founded in September 2006.

  • Based on the port & shipping, logistics industry, and is oriented to the society.

  • Aiming at the development and orientation of advanced Academy, the institute is committed to high-quality scientific research and postgraduate training.

  • The Research Institute has four scientific research departments:

    • Logistics Research Center

    • Key Laboratory of Marine Technology & Control Engineering Ministry of Communications

    • Intelligent Port Logistics Co-innovation Center 

    • Institute of Electrical Automation 

  • The institute employs 62 faculty, including 10 professors, 16 associate professors and 37 doctors.

Institute Research

In recent years, the Research Institute has completed more than 200 scientific research projects, and the project funding is nearly 100 million yuan. The projects include National Natural Fund project, Shanghai science committee project, etc. 

The academic leader of the "logistics engineering and management":

President Huang Youfang , is a famous logistics expert, who assumes the Chairman of Logistics Specialty Teaching Instruction Committee for Institutions of Higher Education Affiliated to Ministry of Education, President of Council of China Institute of Navigation, Deputy Director of Expert Committee of Shanghai International Shipping Center, Chairman of Academic Committee of Northeast Asia Logistics Society, and a special international consultant to UNCTAD/WTO International Trade Center (ITC). 

To enhance the value of doing Logistics Science Research by:

  • Takes the initiative to conduct academic exchange and cooperation with relevant international academic institutions, 

  • invite outstanding international scientists to visit, and create conditions with effort to encourage 

  • fund researchers to pay a visit abroad and participate in international academic conferences.

Institute Education

  1. Sets a postdoctoral research station in "logistics engineering and management" 

  2. Two doctoral degree of second-level disciplines in "logistics and management" and "logistics engineering and technology"

  3. Two master's degree of full-time academic first-level disciplines in "management science and engineering" and "control science and engineering" 

  4. The degree of master of engineering in the field of "logistics engineering"

  5. Enrolls nearly 400 doctoral and graduate students including international students


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