Gengjun Gao
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Office: 427A
Phone: 021-38284617


Sept. 1999 - Dec. 2014: Ph.D. Traffic information engineering and control, Southeast University (Tutor: Academician Huang Wei)
Sep. 1996 - Jul. 1999: M.S. Mining system engineering, China University of Mining and Technology (Tutor: Professor Cai Qingxiang)
Sep. 1993- Jul.1996: Industrial enterprise management (minor), China University of Mining and Technology 
Sep. 1992- Jul. 1996: B.S. Mining Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology 

  • overview

    Gao Gengjun, Doctor of Engineering, Lecturer of Logistics Research Center of Shanghai Maritime University, Master's tutor, engaged in teaching, research and practice in the field of logistics and supply chain for a long time, mainly in logistics management and planning, logistics and supply chain finance, free trade zone and bonded logistics, logistics strategy and business operation, and intelligent logistics system. Publishing more than 50 papers (books) publicly, presiding over and participating in nearly 40 scientific research projects, trained nearly 20 masters of logistics engineering, many years of senior management experience in logistics enterprises, and a solid theoretical basis and rich practical experience in logistics and supply chain project operation.

  • expertise

    Logistics and supply chain management and planning, including:
    1. Logistics and supply chain planning and design: logistics and supply chain network design and planning, logistics strategy and business operation, bonded logistics, closed-loop supply chain, operation management, system optimization, etc
    2. Logistics and supply chain finance: logistics and supply chain finance business model and business design, risk control, income distribution, coordination and management, etc
    3. Intelligent logistics system: logistics information system, logistics system control and management, logistics system engineering, supply chain visualization, etc

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