Logistics Science and Engineering Research Institute holds graduate work conference

In order to successfully carry out the work of graduates and help graduates understand the relevant transaction processes and policies, on June 9, 2018, the Institute of Logistics Science and Engineering held a graduate work conference at the Taishan Research Building 310. Counselor Jia Xiuqun, teaching secretary Huang Fen and 2018 graduates attended the meeting.

The counselor Jia Xiuqun gave a detailed introduction and supplement to the entire workflow of the graduate file transfer, registration card issue, and household registration transfer. I hope that the graduates will get better and better in the future.

The teaching secretary, Mr. Huang Fen, explained in detail how to fill in the graduate system information, as well as the precautions, and wish the graduates a successful graduation. After the meeting, the graduates received a reply registration form.

Time flies, white sorrow, graduation does not say goodbye, I hope that the students will have a bright future and realize their own value. This conference provided a detailed introduction to the graduation process for the graduates, and also paved the way for the students to graduate smoothly.

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