Smart Port Collaborative Control and Decision

1. Research objectives:  

Relying on the intelligent port logistics transportation industry collaborative innovation platform (Ministry of Transportation and Technology 2011 Collaborative Innovation Center), "Management Science and Engineering" and "Control Science and Engineering" and other disciplines, closely linked to the "intelligent system collaborative control and scheduling" frontier issues, Smart Port and Smart Logistics are the focus of research, and focus on key technologies such as collaborative sensing, collaborative control, collaborative scheduling and optimization, and build a complete knowledge base of intelligent port collaborative control and scheduling theory.

2. Research direction: 

 ( 1 ) Smart Port Collaborative Perception and Control: mainly involves port IoT distributed sensing technology and intelligent port integrated monitoring technology; port unmanned vehicle composite positioning navigation and automatic driving technology based on machine vision, deep learning, etc.; Vehicle networking technology that is stably interconnected with vehicles, vehicles and roads, vehicles and fleet management systems; collaborative interaction and processing technology between terminals operation management system and equipment control management system; port unmanned systems in complex operating environments (unmanned vehicles) , autonomous drone, etc.).  

 ( 2 ) Collaborative scheduling and optimization of smart port logistics: mainly involving the integration of multi-modal transport information flow and coordination and optimization of public water, public iron, hot metal, water and water; multi-objective under the task of time priority and energy priority dynamic mode Collaborative scheduling method; coordinated internal and external resource vehicle - port - ship coordination based on multi-agent and GPU algorithm ; collaborative optimization and operation design between storage, yard and logistics park; simulation and optimization of logistics system based on 3D visualization technology.


Researcher: Professor Yang Yongsheng's team

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