Logistics and Supply Chain Information Technology

1 ) IoT technology for refrigerated containers: design and integration of low-energy intelligent terminal solutions, global networking technology for dry containers, efficient low-cost communication technology for global ocean maritime affairs, global container logistics security monitoring, global container logistics space big data Analysis and visualization, Beidou three generations of satellite signal time domain test program, global intelligent refrigerator design standards, intelligent terminal design standards.

2 ) Smart underground logistics frontier technology: network structure of underground logistics, channel opening location design, equipment control, management and dispatch in underground logistics system, transportation equipment in underground logistics channel, loading and unloading equipment at opening and underground logistics system The automatic operation of the horizontal transportation equipment in the joint area of the ground, the collaborative simulation of the underground logistics equipment, the connection scheme of the underground logistics system and the traditional logistics system such as urban roads, railways and waterways.

3 ) Logistics information system research and development: including shipbuilding business segmentation logistics simulation control system, GIS- based logistics teaching system, shipping logistics process information tracking and monitoring system, RFID- based container transportation in-transit real-time tracking and positioning system, park visual monitoring system, etc. .


Researcher: Professor Yang Bin's team.

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