Dr. He Renlong was invited to come to our college to carry out a lecture - 5G empowering smart society and its industrial influence

On the morning of May 17, 2019, Dr. He Renlong was invited to come to our school to exchange and give a lecture on the theme of “5G empowering intelligent society and its industrial influence” in the 308 classroom of the research building. The lecture was hosted by teacher part-time counselor Huang Fen. .

Dr. He is the chief scientist of the East China Branch of China Information and Communication Research Institute and the deputy general manager of the Industrial Internet Innovation Center. He is also a member of Shanghai Network Security and Information Technology, a member of the Shanghai Informatization Expert Committee, and a member of the Shanghai Lingang Artificial Intelligence Expert Committee. Mr. Huang Fen expressed his gratitude to Dr. He and the Industrial Internet Innovation Center for their strong support for the postgraduate training of our institute. The Industrial Internet Innovation Center is one of the research bases for logistics engineering professional degree. Every year, graduate students go to practice and have been hired. Many graduate students in our hospital.

In the lecture, Dr. He first introduced the 5G technology and business model, and the relationship between them. Secondly, it showed the wisdom social form and changes of 5G connectivity, and then introduced the industrial development trend and new features under the influence of 5G. Dr. He is very talkative and friendly. He combines rich industry experience and guides students to use the divergent thinking to understand the 5G empowering and intelligent society. Finally, he combined with his own experience, combined with the professional background of our graduate students, in-depth discussion of industry trends and employment opportunities.

The lectures were well received by the students, which made the students have a more vivid understanding of 5G. They broadened their thinking and provided great help for the students' research direction and future employment choices. The students benefited a lot.


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