Graduates of the Logistics Science and Engineering Research Institute have achieved great success in the 2nd China Intelligent Boat Challenge (Inland Section)

The 2nd China Intelligent Boat Challenge (Inland River Section) was held in Yangzhou from May 7th to 9th. The event was guided by the China Association of Science and Technology, China Shipbuilding Engineering Society, China Navigation Society, China Ocean Society, China Artificial Intelligence. Organized by the Society, undertaken by the Jiangdu District People's Government of Yangzhou City. A total of 22 teams from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Harbin Institute of Technology, China Ocean University, and the People's Liberation Army Army Transportation College participated in the competition.

The competition is divided into two major categories: sailing and functional. The sailing is divided into three courses: full, half and short. The function is divided into autonomous obstacle avoidance, image acquisition, and optional function display. The full and half-voyage races were held on the Mangda River, with a half-way voyage of 15 km and a full-time race of 22.5 km. The short-distance and function races are held in Xingbei Lake. The short-distance race is 1.5 km. The obstacle avoidance race needs to surround 7 buoys with an average distance of 10 meters. The image capture competition requires the shooting of the designated landscape, and the optional function can be displayed.

The two institutes of the Institute of Logistics Science and Engineering, Wang Jianhua and Zheng Xiang, guided the graduate students to participate in the two classes of “Haixiang” and “Haiyue”. Among them, “Haixiang” won the special prize for the half-voyage, and at the same time, “Haixiang” was carried. The satellite data transmission system won the second prize of the functional competition; "Hai Yue" completed the short-distance autonomous sailing, obstacle avoidance and function competition, and won the second prize of the functional competition. At the closing ceremony, Secretary General Lin Xiandong of the Chinese Society of Naval Architecture commended and recommended our rapid development of the "Haixiang" and "Haiyue" twin boats.

Under the guidance of Wang Jianhua and Zheng Xiang, the two boats of "Haixiang" and "Haiyue" participating in the competition were independently developed, designed, produced and graduated by the graduate students of the Transportation Technology and Control Engineering Transportation Industry Key Laboratory of Logistics Science and Engineering Research. Named, all software is written by graduate students and has completely independent intellectual property rights. Through the competition, the academic exchanges were strengthened and the teachers and students of our school were displayed.

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